Weight Loss Program

Our new weight loss program features a holistic treatment to help you get down to a healthier weight. Learn a new way of life and get the support you need to achieve optimal health.

Phoenix Weight Loss Doctor

Our weight loss program offers you a holistic treatment that works! We focus on several different areas of treatment including diet, medications, exercise, and more. Our providers will work closely with you to achieve your weight goals over a targetted amount of time. One-size-fits-all plans do not work in the realm of weight loss as each person's genetic make up and health history is unique.

Our providers understand that the program needs to be adapted into your lifestyle to work. If you're looking to find a weight loss doctor, we'd be glad to speak to you about joining our program.

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Weight Loss Treatment

Our weight loss program includes the following: 

  • Initial assessment
  • Nutrition and Supplement Plan
  • Weight Loss Medication
  • Exercise Plan
  • One on One Visits and Ongoing Consultation with a Provider

The Benefits of Our Weight Loss Program

How our weight loss program can benefit your overall health: 

  • Learn better health and exercise habits
  • Lose weight in a healthy manner
  • Learn what vitamins and supplements are needed most with an individualized assessment
  • Get much needed support from our providers during the process

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