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Phoenix Suboxone Clinic

Suboxone treatment can be the difference between life and death for someone struggling with opioid addiction. Many opioid addiction treatment options exist, but Suboxone was one of the first made available for patients in an outpatient doctor's office setting. The medical providers leading our Phoenix Suboxone program are SAMHSA certified to prescribe Suboxone to treat opioid addictions.

We are currently accepting new patients at our Phoenix Suboxone clinic and would love to help you in your journey to overcome an addiction to opioids.

What is Suboxone? 

Suboxone is a partial opioid agonist medication that providers use to treat opioid dependence. It is a treatment option that falls under the umbrella of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Because Suboxone is a partial opioid agonist, it provides significant or sometimes total relief from opioid withdrawal and cravings. It does not get patients high or contribute to feelings of euphoria in the same way that prescription and illicit opioids do.

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Comparing Suboxone to Other Methods of Treating Opioid Addiction

When considering Suboxone treatment, it's also important to weigh your options. We will consider two different options that are most commonly used instead of Suboxone.

Suboxone Vs. Methadone

Methadone, by far, is the Medication-Assisted Treatment that has been around the longest. Unfortunately, while methadone has worked great for some, it has many drawbacks. The first is that methadone is very difficult to come off of once your body has become dependent on it. The reason for this is that methadone has an incredibly long half-life compared to other opioids. Methadone's long half-life led medical professionals to begin to see methadone as a great way to help opioid addiction in the first place because patients go longer periods in between doses. But the reality is that methadone has an intense and difficult journey in store for patients when they decided to taper off the medication. It's a long and painful process. The methadone withdrawal process can take about 30 days and up. If you're looking for an opioid treatment that will provide you with the ability to wean off eventually and have an abstinence-based recovery, methadone is probably not for you.

Suboxone Vs. Cold Turkey

You always do have the option to go cold turkey. However, this is also a painful process that presents many challenges. If you're new to recovery, you may not currently have the self-control needed to weather the storm completely abstinent. It's important to know that there is nothing wrong with not being able to do so. There are many valid reasons why patients cannot quit cold turkey, including home responsibilities, children, and work. It's not feasible for some to stop working completely to go through the withdrawal process. Suboxone offers a way to continue to live your life with almost no to minimal downtime. If you later decide that you want an abstinence-based recovery, you can begin the suboxone taper process.

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