Are you wondering if you should get a yearly check up? You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to go? I feel fine.” But the answer is YES! Yearly check-ups are important for overall health and well-being. Here’s why:

Immunizations and Flu Shots

Flu season is upon us and it’s more important than ever to get your flu shot! Immunizations protect you from harmful viruses and bacteria. They help you stay healthy and avoid diseases. Many immunizations are required for school or work, so it’s important to stay up to date on them. Check with your doctor or healthcare provider to see what shots you may need.

Catching Health Problems Early

Yearly check-ups give you and your doctor a chance to talk about any changes or concerns you may have with your health. It’s also an opportunity for them to screen for potential health problems. Catching problems early means that they can be treated more effectively. For example, high blood pressure often has no symptoms, but can be detected during a routine check-up. Early detection and treatment of high blood pressure can help prevent heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. So don’t skip your yearly check-up! It could save your life.

Examples of Conditions that Are Important to Catch Early

Some health conditions are critical to catch early on, such as cancer and heart disease. Cancer can often be treated successfully if it is caught in the early stages, and heart disease can be managed with medications and lifestyle changes if it is diagnosed early. Other health conditions that are critical to catch early include:


Diabetes can lead to serious health problems if it is not treated, including blindness, kidney failure, and heart disease.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can lead to heart attack and stroke if it is not treated.


Dementia can be very debilitating if it is not diagnosed and treated early.


Infections can become very serious if they are not treated early.

If you have any concerns about your health, it is important to see a doctor so that any potential problems can be detected and treated as soon as possible.

But.. I feel fine! 

Even if you feel fine, it's important to get yearly physicals so that your doctor can monitor any changes in your health and catch any potential health concerns early. This allows you to take action to maintain your health and prevent any serious problems from developing. By catching these conditions early, you can take action to maintain your health and prevent any serious problems from developing.

Yearly Check-ups Are Very Important

Yearly check-ups are an important part of maintaining good health. They give you and your doctor a chance to discuss any changes or concerns you have about your health. They also allow for early detection and treatment of potential health problems. So don’t skip your next yearly check-up! It could be the most important one you ever have.